Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simple Headband Flowers - Pintastic Tuesday 07

I have so much fun browsing Pinterest and drawing inspiration from what others have done. Seriously, is there anything better than Pinterest to actually make me want to clean my house and have fun doing it?

This week's crafty inspiration was originally pinned on my Hair Clips / Headbands board.

The Project:

Source: Pinterest | Original Source: iCandy Handmade
I love, love, love to make photography props and all things baby! I don't have a baby girl of my very own. As much as I would love to have another baby, my love says we are done. So, I have two boys at home and I'm the only lady in the house. So, if I can't have any more babies of my own, then I can at least make beautiful things for babies and live vicariously through my little prop shop, right?

Time and Money

When doing any new craft, there are always two big questions. How long will it take to do this and how much will it cost my husband me?

This one was absolutely FREE! But, just in case you have to buy ever single item (assuming you own a sewing kit), here's a rough estimate of the cost:

$  .50 - Two Sheets of Felt (one for the flower & one for the leaf should you choose to add it)
$1.50 - Package of Thin Elastic
$2.00 - Package of Pearl Beads
$4.00 - TOTAL COST for making several headbands
Now, let's talk about time...I had a photographer stopping by my house at 7:00 p.m. to pick up a few hats she had ordered. I arrived home from work at 6:15 p.m. and wanted so desperately to send her away with one of these. The cranberry colored headband displayed below took more time to photograph (my cell phone battery was dying and I didn't have great light) than it took to make. Cutting, sewing and attaching to the headband was done in under 20 minutes. I love it!

I had to make more...

On my next trip to Wal-Mart, I found a few fabric remnants that I thought would be fun to play with...I'm wildly guessing I could get at least 20 flowers from each of these remnants. See the cost? It is literally pennies!

It can even be Vintage...

A friend saw the red one that I posted on Facebook and asked if I could make some for her with a vintage flair. Want some cost details again? The fabric below was $1.50 per yard and I bought $.20 worth. And, that amount of fabric (1/8 yard) will make a lot of flowers.

But, hold your horses with this one! Don't just assume that you can cut the same 5 circles, stack 'em and be done. The flower below took a little extra work because the fabric is so thin and transparent. I cut more circles than required and folded a couple in a different way to make it more full.

I love all these flowers. In retrospect, I think the box-fold flower technique turns out amazing with felt. I didn't love the two fabric flowers in the middle. There's nothing wrong with them, it just seems they could use a bit more pizzazz. The vintage pink floral-print fabric turned out to be an adorable flower, but there was a lot more pinching and tucking involved to make it this way.


Inquiring minds want to know...did you try anything from Pinterest this week? How did it go? Blog your successes and failures and join the party by linking below. 

See you next week for another edition of:

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