Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Crochet Hats for Him

Men aren't always easy to buy for and it's even harder to make them something. Have no fear! Here is a round-up of 10 Crochet Patterns of various styles and ages that will work for the guys on your Christmas list.


Deeply Textured Hat (Free Pattern)

Deeply Textured Hat by The Laughing Willow


Sundance Slouch (Free Pattern)

Sundance Slouch by Carrie Piper of Oodles4Noodles


The Open Weave (Paid Pattern)

 The Open Weave (AKA - The Boxed Basket) by Aaron Matthew AsmussenThe Open Weave (AKA - The Boxed Basket) by Aaron Matthew Asmussen


The Visor Beanie (Free Pattern)

visor beanie by Suzanne Steiger


Unisex Basket Weave Beanie (Paid Pattern)

Unisex Basket Weave Beanie by Crochet by Jennifer


The Talini Hat (Paid Pattern)

The Talini Hat Pattern by Darla Allen


Dear Stalker Hat (Free Pattern)

Deer Stalker Hat pattern by Colleen Sullivan


The Perfect Beanie (Free Pattern)

Boy Beanie V2.0 by Laura Killoran


Brain Waves Beanie (Free Pattern)

Brain Waves Beanie by Liz McQueen

- 10 - 

The Large Diamond - Electric Concentric (Paid Pattern)

The Large Diamond - Electric Concentric - Updated for Right and Left Handed Creation by Aaron Matthew Asmussen

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