Friday, October 19, 2012

Over Coming Remorse After Yarn Shopping

I walked into Hobby Lobby and what to my wandering eyes did appear? Buckets and buckets full of wondrous yarns that were ALL marked down to ridiculously low prices. I couldn't resist the urge and I snagged 4 skeins of wool on clearance at unbelievable prices!

Then, the next day (or maybe that night), I started asking myself..."What am I going to do with all of this yarn?"

Here are a few guidelines to help my next clearance encounter.

TIP #1: Avoid Buyer's Remorse by Planning Ahead

If you can think of the perfect project for that yarn, then by all means buy it. But here are just a few things to think over to make sure your plan is a good plan.

  • Is there enough yarn in the same dye lot to complete your project?
  • Do you have time to complete the project in the next few weeks?
  • Is this something that has gotten good feedback?
  • If you buy this yarn, are you going to have the funds needed to continue running your business (or home) smoothly and buy the other things you REALLY need?

Some of these can be easily overlooked while one is drooling over yarn. But, if any of the questions above were answered with a no, then set the yarn down and move on. Be proud of yourself for using wisdom, restraint and overcoming temptation! Those are three desirable characteristics in any person.

TIP #2: Overcoming Post-Purchase Blues by Looking at Finished Objects

I immediately added this yarn (with a picture) to my Ravelry stash. That way, if it landed in the depths of my closet, I wouldn't completely forget about it. When I clicked, "Save", I realized this little thing called, "Projects" over to the right and decided to click on it.

Ravelry's Stash Screen - Overcoming Remorse After Yarn Shopping

There weren't many projects using the exact same colorway, but there were a few projects that caught my this scarf that really shows off the beautiful color changes.

After finding that scarf, my remorse was almost gone.

TIP #3: Overcoming Post-Purchase Blues by Picking a Project

It just feels good to make things. Pick a project for your glorious new yarn. Just make sure you have enough of this yarn to complete the project. You bought it on clearance, after all, and chances are slim that you would be able to buy more. And, you don't want to be almost finished and start praying for God to do a miracle like the woman with the jars of oil.

In all honesty, I still haven't picked a project for the yarn I stashed above.  But, this seems like an essential step to fully conquering the post-purchase blues.  Seeing that scarf that I linked to above makes me really want to turn it into a scarf, but my heart longs to make a baby item with it.

What do you think I should do with this beautiful skein of yarn?

Head over to FreshStitches blog to learn more on How to Use Ravelry's Stash Feature.

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