Tuesday, August 6, 2013

12 Sharks You Can Crochet While Watching Shark Week

I saw this super cute photo on Pinterest and that's how I remembered that it's SHARK WEEK! Ahhh! I know so many of you are huge fans of shark week and I hope you'll enjoy browsing and fall in love with a shark this week. :)

Source: A Night Owl


Halfpenni the Hammerhead Shark by K4TT on Ravelry

Shark by Karen's Knitting Crap

Shark by Sky Magenta on Ravelry

Sharks with a Purpose

Shark Time Pouch from Moogly

Shark Pencil Holder from For His Glory Handiwork

Sharks to Keep You Warm!

Chella Crochet Shark Hammerhead Great White Afghan Crochet Pattern

Shark Mittens by Annette Hynes

Funny Shark Slippers by Penelope vt

And Just a few more awesome (err...Jawesome) sharks!

Jawesome Shark Cuddle Cape by Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations

Shark Applique by One and Two Company

If you are counting, there are technically only 11 crochet patterns listed. But, that first image is the one that started it all, so he counts as number 12 and you can make him even if you don't crochet.

Happy Shark Week!

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