Friday, February 14, 2014

Crocheting for Valentine's Day

Here are just a few of the projects (and a small amount of candy-making) that I have done in preparation for Valentine's Day. Enjoy! All of the patterns linked in this post are free crochet patterns! Be sure you check them out. XO

Cross Your Heart Coffee Cozy

This was my first Valentine's project. I made it in January while my mom was in surgery. It works up so fast and makes a great teacher's gift!

This didn't quite fit on my cup, but it was the perfect size for a wrist warmer. I'm keeping it for myself and need to make a second one for the other hand. This is the perfect project for those scrap yarns!

 Cross Your Heart Coffee Cozy
Cross Your Heart Coffee Cozy

Amazing Grace Headbands

Believe it or not, before this year, I had only made ONE headband/ear warmer. Crazy, huh? I set out looking for a free pattern that had a decent texture, but would also be a mindless project for sitting in the hospital waiting room and look great! I found the Amazing Grace Headband pattern from Beatrice Ryan Designs.

That's my mom in the lower left! She loves purple. :-)

Add Hearts to Anything

These were made with the same pattern linked above, but I added a heart to each one since they are Valentine's Day gifts. 
Love Hearts Applique Pattern from Planet June

Chocolate Truffles and Crochet

I love truffles! They are the most amazing food in the world. Eating them is an don't just pop it in your mouth and really savor the flavor and enjoy every tiny moment because it's just that good. I have made my own and I think I finally have the recipe right and I'll be sharing it tomorrow. Here is the teaser photo.

Do you want more Valentine Crochet? 

Check out these delicious calorie-burning treats! You'll burn calories while whipping these up and you won't feel guilty later.

Chocolate Cravers Patterns on The Yarn Box

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