Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fritz Review: Michaels Coupon Policy

I thought I struck Pinterest Heaven when I found this pin claiming to explain how you can use a boatload of coupons at the Craft Store Triumvrate: Hobby LobbyJoAnn's and Michaels.

I poured over every word of the blog and even read some parts two or three times. I took this wealth of knowledge and headed to Michaels with a boatload of coupons and an extra bounce in my step. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. I think I even heard Ray Stevens singing Everything Is Beautiful.

Then, I reached the counter and gave the checkout attendant all my coupons. He looked them over and said he could only use one. *Insert sound of record player scratch here.*


Huh? I told him about this blog post I read. He kindly explained their one coupon policy. A blog can be written by anyone, right? Rather than hash it out with the store manager (which the blog post instructs you to do), I gave up and decided I would research it myself.

I opened a customer service request with Michaels and they sent a copy of their coupon policy within days. The actual response I received is available for viewing in PDF format here. The biggest note is this:

Consumers are limited to one coupon type per customer per day.

What is a Coupon Type?

Type 1 - % Off Any One Regular Price Item
Type 2 - % Off Entire Regular Price Purchase
Type 3 -% Off Entire Purchase - Includes Regular Price and Sale Items
Type 4 - Any type Bonus Coupon - Multiple Bonus Coupons can be used on the same order.

According to the Michaels Stores coupon policy, you are able to use multiple coupons on one purchase. However, you are limited to using only one each of Types 1, 2 and 3. You may use multiple Type 4 coupons in one transaction. The Type 4 coupons are easy to spot, because they usually have a yellow background:

My Shopping Cart:

My Coupons:

  1. 50% off any one regular priced item  (Type 1)
  2. 25% of Entire Regular Price Purchase  (Type 2)
  3. 20% off Entire Purchase Including Sale Items  (Type 3)
  4. 40% off Entire Regular Price Purchase Artist Easels *Bonus Coupon*  (Type 4)
  5. 40% off Entire Regular Price Purchase Artist Paper *Bonus Coupon*  (Type 4)
I only took one coupon to the store for % off any on regular priced item, because I know Michaels will only accept one coupon like that per transaction. All of the other coupon codes will work together.

Shopping Cart with Coupons Applied:

That is a total savings of $14.50 just from coupons.

Michaels Stores has a separate coupon policy for competitors. Everything above is in regards to their acceptance of their own coupons. I hope that this post has helped you sort through the coupon policy and I strongly encourage you to read the Michaels coupon policy for further clarification/examples. These illustrations best represent my understanding of the policy.

Note: Michaels and the Michaels logo are owned or licensed by Michaels Stores, Inc.

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