Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To: Stitch Marking with Yarn

You crochet in the round and don't want a seam, so you work in continuous spiral. But, how do you keep track of rounds without having to stop at the end of each round to move a marker? This is my method and I hope it helps.

When you complete your first few rounds, grab a spare piece of yarn. In the example below, I used this yellow piece that had a circle on the end to make it easier to see.  

Starting with scrap yarn in the front, slip it to the back and crochet your next stitch.


At the end of the round, pull the scrap yarn to the front.


Continue crochet according to your pattern.  As you complete each round, pull the scrap yarn to the front or back and that's an easy way to keep track of rounds.

At the end it will look like this:

Pick a spot (not too far away or it will pull on your stitches) where you can insert your hook and pull.


Keep pulling out sections at a time until it's completely free. And look at Georgina the bluebird who was happily crocheted in continuous rounds without the headache.

1 comment:

  1. This has been my favorite method of stitch marking as well. I still haven't figured out how the little spiral circles are supposed to work.


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