Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Goals

Goal 1: Crochet more for Charity

Sometimes art is most beautifully shared through the unselfish act of giving to someone in need. I will crochet more for Charity. I created Charitable Crochet on Pinterest and hope that some of my great online friends will help me find more organizations and opportunities to pursue this goal in 2013. If you know of charities looking for donated crochet items, please leave a comment on this post and I'll add it to the board.

Goal 2: Rest Once a Week

Running a business can prove quite demanding when you work a full-time job. Add two kids and a husband who is a full-time pastor and you have my life. Crocheting used to be my method of relaxation. Then, it morphed into a business that has been going full-steam ahead since October, 2011. 

I need rest and it will only happen if I make it happen. This practice has been very beneficial to me and to my family since the new year began. Serving my family will always come first. I will communicate this up-front to customers and give an "anticipated" time period for the item requested. I will make sure I give myself more time than needed to complete the project, so that I don't feel rushed to meet a deadline. I crochet to relax. It will not become a stressor this year. :)

Goal 3: Always Create a Ravelry Project Page

And ALWAYS (always, always, always) take photos of items before they leave my house. Working rest into my calendar was not a priority last year, so I always felt rushed to meet deadlines and let too many amazing things go without photographing them. I always asked for pictures, but rarely received them. :(

This year, I will load all of my projects on Ravelry and I will take pictures. And, I will make it a point to share pictures on my blog and Facebook page more often.

Goal 4: Design More

I know that for a goal to be attainable and good, that it must be measurable. I would like to design one pattern per month. However, I do not want to pressure myself. Therefore, my goal is to create 6 new designs this year. Anything beyond 6 patterns this year means that I am stress-free and loving what I do.  Most of the designs I make this year will be free. 

I have an idea for a line of patterns that would be available for purchase. No one is making/selling that idea right now. I'm ecstatic that the idea for the product line came to me not long after starting Niccupp Crochet and there is still no one making/selling it. If I can hunker down and set to work on that sometime, that would be awesome. :)

So, these are my goals for this year. I don't have anything over-the-top exciting in my goals. This is my year of rest and enjoying what I do. 

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