Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Swap Crochet Bits with a Friend

I have developed some amazing friendships through crochet. One friend in particular has become such a great friend! The Ravelry Group where we met was gearing up for a monster swap. With swaps, there is no guarantee who you will be partnered with. So, we did our own mini swap off the boards and just had fun with it. And these are the monsters we ended up with!

How to Pick a Pattern That is Good for Swapping

The pattern should have several pieces, but it also needs to have one main piece. 

It also should be one where you can make it in two colors (or more if you would like).

Pick a pattern where all the pieces can be made completely prior to assembling. For our monsters, we each kept our own body so that we could attach pieces before actually stuffing/finishing off. Although, if I'm being honest, I finished mine months ago and already had him stuffed/closed off just waiting for the monster bits.

Monsters are perfect for swapping because you can have a lot of fun with colors. Half the fun of swapping is pulling out some of your more fun yarns. Even if you don't choose a monster, choose something where you can get away with fun colors.

How to Swap Pieces

Once you choose a pattern, then you need to pick colors. You'll pick a color and your partner will pick a color. I chose Sparkly Turquoise and she chose purple.

You will both make the pattern in full using the color you selected and you can throw in an accent color. So, I made a body and all the bits in my Sparkly Turquoise yarn. My friend made her body and bits in Purple yarn.  

Next, you need to figure out which pieces you'll keep and which ones you'll swap. We kept our own bodies and sent all the other pieces. It's easiest to keep your own main piece, because most patterns will say to attach the pieces prior to stuffing/finishing off the body/head. So, keep those two. Additionally, those are usually the largest pieces and it saves on shipping.

What fun would a swap be without extras?

Aimee sent me an amazing package of monster bits, stitch markers, magnets and a keychain. It was such a blessing! I feel so bad! I still haven't photographed the other things she sent, but I photographed these and you may have spotted me using them in some past WIPs.

Here is a snippet of the things I sent her. I know the photo quality isn't the best, but these are unedited. She's a scientist, so I sent her some drosophila stitch markers. Sadly, only one fly made it without becoming an amputee. A man in our church makes paracord bracelets, so I sent her a keychain. Then, one tiny completed monster and two pouches sewn by me. I drew the owl sitting on the tree branch and the fabric was hand-picked for her. :)

I really want to do more swaps now!

I have participated in a half-dozen or so swaps now and I have decided the ones I like the best are where I actually get to know the other person during the swap. I hope you'll give craft swaps a try! 

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