Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last Minute Baby Shower Gift

Like a typical Monday, I arrived at work, glanced at my calendar to review what's coming up this week when this one event popped out on my calendar....

A Coworker's Baby Shower!

Yikes! How could I have forgotten? I already donated to the group gift, but I have made something small for all the babies at work, so I had to find something!

I scoured the latest crochet newsletter from All Free Crochet and found the Pretty Barefoot Baby Sandal pattern from String with Style. The AFC newsletter claimed these could be made in 10 minutes. This was perfect since I not only had to have the gift done by Friday, but had plans every single night that week.

Did it take 10 minutes? I can't really be sure. I multi-tasked the whole time and barely had the flowers sewn on five minuets before the baby shower.

I paired the sandals with a co-ordinating Addison Headband and it was the perfect small gift. The sandals don't look like much, so I messaged the designer and asked if it would be ok to use her photo on the front of the card. She granted permission and the mom loved the little piggies peeking out the front!

If you are heading to a shower and want something small to go along with the gift card you purchased or if you contributed to a group gift like I did, consider making this set. They are super cute and well-loved!

1 comment:

  1. Cute!
    Great idea using the picture to attach them to!


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