Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pattern Design Plea for Advice

I woke up one Saturday morning inspired with my first original idea for a pattern design. I was so happy! It wasn't just one design, it was a line of designs for the same concept used in several ways. I did a Google image search that morning and found a cute little owl that is my go to picture as I work on my project. All this time, maintaining my excitement and convinced I had finally found something new.

This design is completely different from anything out there. Some of the designs would even compliment other existing designs...sorry, I can't give too much info.

So, I wanted to do my due diligence and make sure no one was already selling the idea. I found one shop (yes, only one) on Etsy that is already making and selling the completed item. And, they have one of the complimentary design ides, too.

I am a little crushed, but not defeated. I feel like my design and the technique is so much different from the existing shop that I can make it without it causing an issue. However, since they are the only ones who have also been struck with this genius idea, I feel like maybe I should talk to them before I release patterns for something that they alone have the market share right now. Any suggestions? What do you think?

I woke up at 4am distraught over this. I am taking May off from accepting orders with the intent of making a prototype of the first pattern and getting it to a mom of a little one who could test it's daily use for me. The inspiration continues and more ideas come frequently for various designs I could release.

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