Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pintastic Tuesday 04

Welcome back for another Pintastic Tuesday! I hope this inspires you to try out some of the things you find on pinterest. This week I want to introduce you to an almost pin-drastic experiment.

The Project: Post-it Present

Source: Pinterest | Original Source: Paper Wings

The Story:

I bought all of the supplies to make this 6 months ago. I had the scrapbooking supplies on hand and purchased a really cute package of post-it notes that were butterfly shaped along with the plastic frame. I intended to make this as a gift numerous times for my son's 3rd grade teacher. The school year ended and the supplies were still sitting on my desk. So, when I needed just one extra thing in my handmade gift for the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange, this seemed like the perfect thing!

I made on of my favorite hats as the main part of the gift:
Beanie Brim Cap by Hannah Levine

The Results:

Honestly, this one started out being a little pinDrastic. I couldn't even get the post-it notes to stay attached long enough to snap the picture. If anyone does this craft as a gift, I think the standard square Post-Its would work better because the adhesive is at the top. The adhesive on mine is down the center of the butterfly shape. 

When I was about to give up and scrap this gift, I had the idea to attach a smaller quanity of Post-It notes. Maybe the weight of the whole package was too much. The smaller quantity of Post-It notes worked much better!

Just for good measure, I tied some leftover yarn from the hat around the post-it notes so they should at least arrive in tact. 

Have you made anything fun from Pinterest this week? Join in and spread the fun by leaving your link below! NOTE: The text you type in "Your Name" will display representing your link. It says a comment is required. You aren't required to comment on this post, but please comment on at least one blog post you visit.

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