Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've Done It Again...

It's WIP Wednesday and I just took not of all the projects I currently have in progress and I suddenly understand why I can't seem to get anything done. I have too much going on all at once.

Project 1: Mr. Bear

He's actually a specific kind of bear, but I can't show all of him until he meets his new owner. All of his pieces are complete. Now, it's just a matter of performing surgery to get him in one piece.

Project 2: My Pumpkin Hat Statement

Everyone in the prop-making crochet world picks out a pumpkin hat pattern to represent him/her. There are so many pumpkin hat patterns out there (both free and paid). I support many paid pattern designers and I honestly couldn't pick between all of them. So, I set to work creating my own statement using a yarn that I haven't seen anyone else try yet.

I wanted to create something with a little bit of texture that still looks like a pumpkin. I e-mailed both versions of the hat to my faithful, trusting customer and she liked the new stitch I tried in the first one. Suh-weet! I just happen to like that one, too!

Option 1: Fun New Stitchery

Option 2: Standard Ribbing like all the other punkins in the patch.

Project 3: Railroad Track Scarf

The customer's request was simple: Can you make a red scarf with a train on it?

To be honest, scarfs and I don't typically get along...they typically end up being a long, boring project. I was determined to find something fun that would not quickly become monotonous and boring. The Skinny Cabled Scarf was the perfect pattern! The skinny cables look like railroad tracks to me. I am concerned that it appears girly, but that should disappear when I add the train appliques.

Project 4: Football Cocoon and Hat Set

This is for my friend who is due any day now to have her precious baby boy. Let's hope he stays inside until her maternity leave begins on Monday! And, let's hope my hands can work at lightning speed, because projects 1 & 4 need to be finished ASAP!

Football Cocoon and hat set by RAKJ Patterns

This is what I have been up to lately (and the sad thing is that I am not showing you ALL of my WIPs). Click on the WIP Wednesday button below to join in the WIP Wednesday fun and see what others are working on.

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