Monday, February 11, 2013

Harnessing My Yarn Stash - One Skein at a Time

{Niccupp Crochet} My Yarn Stash...One Year Ago

Why do I have all this yarn and still have to buy more?

Since October, 2011, I have constantly had orders and not a day has gone by where I did not have another order waiting as soon as I finished one. The problem is that nearly every order is unique. It requires a yarn that I don't already have. So, I use the money from one transaction to buy the yarn for the next transaction. It is a rare occurrence for an order to use up an entire skein of yarn, so with every order, my stash grows larger and larger.

But, the yarn stash monster has been fed long enough. This year, I am committed to destashing as much as possible so that I can actually be profitable in my 2nd full year of business.

Challenge 1: Photograph Your Destash Box

{Niccupp Crochet} My Yarn Destash Challenge Box

When deciding which yarns to throw in my destash box, I took a few things into consideration.

  1. Is this yarn commonly called for in items I make?
  2. Is this yarn versatile?
  3. Did I buy it for a specific order that (most likely) will never be requested again?
  4. Is this a yarn something likely to be used in a future custom order?
  5. How long has it been sitting in my stash?
None of the yarn in my challenge box is commonly called for and I have had most of it for more than a year.

Challenge 2: Destash One Skein per Week

This is the really fun part where I get to be creative! So, last week, I stared into my challenge box and decided to tackle the green/blue yarn. I have this pattern that I like really well for a cuddly caterpillar, but the fuzzy yarn for the Caterpillar body has been discontinued.

{Niccupp Crochet} Photo used with Permission from #MassaPhotography

I decided to try using the yarn with shades of green and blue to replace the Caterpillar Cape.

There is only one problem with this yarn. It isn't fuzzy. But, then I remembered Twinkie Chan fuzzified WW yarn with a pet hairbrush. I used a regular hairbrush on mine and now the colors blend a little more smoothly like the real Hungry Little Caterpillar and I really like the result.

Challenge 3: Do NOT feed the stash!!

Remember how I said that most of my yarn is for orders? Well, I had to buy this ginormous skein of yarn for a scarf and hat set. I had a small amount left over and I did not want to feed the stash monster. So, I found a few small projects for the bits that were left and I successfully used the entire skein!!! Three cheers for me! :)

{Niccupp Crochet} Another Hat for Rosie's Cozies
Preemie Hat to Donate to Rosie's Cozies

{Niccupp Crochet} Owl in Progress
A Whoo-whoo Hoosier Owl in Progress for my IU friends

A Challenge for you!

If you start talking about destashing and overcoming your addiction, other yarnies will look at you with a look of shock and bewilderment. Why on earth would you want to destash? If you are a fiber addict and need some help, you are not alone! Don't let those in denial keep you from becoming free from the tangled web known as your stash. Get help today!
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