Monday, February 4, 2013

January Wrap-up

I set goals in January and I am trying my best to keep up with them. Let's recap them real quick.
  • Crochet more for Charity
  • Rest once a week
  • Always Take Photos/Create a Ravelry Project Page
  • Design More
So, January is did I do?

Crocheting for Charity

January was a month of grieving for me. I have a niece who has been in heaven for one year now having never taken a breath in this world. Rosie's Cozies is always collecting hats for babies in the NICU. She collects hats of all sizes. Not all NICU babies are preemies. Sometimes there are 10+ pound babies and they need hats, too.  I have made 4 hats so far for Rosie's Cozies as a way to remember my niece and pray for these babies who will one day where the hats I made.

{NiccuppCrochet} Hats for Rosie's Cozies

Rest Once a Week

I would love to say that this was a success, but honestly, I didn't make it a priority every week. Sometimes my "day of rest from crochet" was really more of an, "I'm-to-busy-to-crochet" day. I am going to be more intentional in resting in February.

Always Take Photos/Create Ravelry Project Pages

I am so happy to say that I took photos of everything in the month of January. I started off the month by making a copy of a hat in a larger size. My friend's aunt bought the hot pink hat, but it was too small for my friend's daughter. I made a mostly identical version of the hat it in a larger size with a softer yarn. My friend told me her daughter was thrilled because now she and her dollie have matching hats. 

{Niccupp Crochet} Matching Little Girl & Doll Hats

Another thing I made in January was a heart-shaped photography mat. It fills up most of my kitchen table. The picture of it wasn't good enough to share, but please adore the label that was attached to the mat to distinguish the right and wrong sides.

Niccupp Crochet - HandMade Label

Design More

Guess what? Everything I made in the month of January was made from scratch without a pattern. The only item where I used a pattern was the heart-shaped photo mat. And, since I didn't post a pic of it, that means everything in this post was designed by me. Yay! That's definitely a success! (Note: if you want me to write up a pattern for any of these hats, please comment to let me know and I'll post the patterns on my blog.) 

At times, it can be overwhelming to have to come up with something from scratch, but look at this chicken and cow that jumped off my hook when I got a request for farm animals.  

{NiccuppCrochet} Chicken Hat

{NiccuppCrochet} Cow hat

I also made three sock monkey hats. The Preemie Sock Monkey is a free pattern.

{NiccuppCrochet} Sock Monkey Hats - Pattern Available for Preemie Size

Look at the size differences. These hats are sized preemie (fits a baby born between 34-36 weeks gestation), 6 months and a child size hat (fits ages 3-9). This preemie sock monkey hat will also be heading to Rosie's Cozies.

Another Goal to Be Added Soon...

I have one more goal that I'll be adding in the month of February. Check back to hear more about it! I'm really excited to be a part of a new project in 2013! Here's a teaser photo...

{NiccuppCrochet} Yarn Hoarder Prevention

How was your January? What are you looking forward to in February? I hope you are sticking with your goals. If you haven't made any goals for the year or month, it's never too late! Get started now. 


  1. Hi there..
    I Would just like to say..Many Thanks for all the Nice helpful idea;s that you share,,and very sure it has been to many more..Its soo very helpful,and I Just want you to know this.I Also would like for u to send me a pattern of one the hats.they are very lovely,and I'd really appreciate it.I'm crocheting,but kindda having some issues with making hats.But,If its no problem for ya..Than you may email it to my yahoo mailing address which Once again..Many Thanks for all you do..May God bless you very much!!

    1. Hi, Martha - Which hat are you interested in having a pattern for? I will also e-mail you just in case you don't see this comment. :)

  2. Do you have a pattern available for the chicken hat and what kind of yarn you used for white?? It is so adorable!!

    1. Hi, Nikki - I think that yarn was Bernat Buttercup. I had good intentions of writing the pattern out and posting it, but life always gets busy. I hope you are able to find the yarn.


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