Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Velorum Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern

This scarf was 100% inspired by my recent scarf swap partner whose Ravelry ID contains the word astronomy and her color choices were cosmic! I looked to the night sky for a name representing the V-stitch used in this super easy scarf pattern! There was only on name I had ever heard of: VelorumIf you are geeky like me, then you'll recognize the name from Star Wars:
I call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Velorum.
Aside from that, Velorum is a star system in the constellation Vela.

Perfect for Mild Spring Weather

My swap partner lives in a climate where it can be hot during the day and temps drop 30 degrees at night. The lace effect of the V-stitches is perfect for warm spring days. But, it's long enough to double it up at night for extra warmth.

Supplies Needed

"J" Hook
2 Skeins (Total of 250 yards) of DK Weight yarn
I used Paton's Wool DK Superwash in the colorway Welsh Coast.

Pattern Repeat

V-Stitch is worked over 3 stitches. 
To modify the length: chain a multiple of 3 until you reach the desired length, then ch 1 st for turning.

Stitches Used

Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Stitch (st) or Stitches (sts)
V-Stitch - Work a dc, ch 1, dc

Velorum Scarf Pattern

Ch 181, dc into the 2nd st from hook and each ch across. Ch 2 & turn (180)
Row 1: V-stitch in the 2nd stitch, *skip 2 sts, v-stitch* until you reach the end, then complete a dc into the final stitch of the row. Ch 2 & turn.
Row 2: *V-Stitch into the ch 1 space from previous row* repeat across working a dc into the turning chain. Ch 2 & turn.
Row 3-8: Repeat Row 2.
Row 9: dc in each stitch across. Do not finish off...continue to Border (Optional).

Border (Optional)

If you want the whole scarf to have a dc border (like Rows 1 & 9), then you'll add DCs evenly spaced on the short sides as follows.

Border 1: Continuing from Row 9, ch 1 and rotate work so that you are now working on the short side of the scarf. Work one dc into the same space as the last dc in Row 9. DC along the short side finishing with a dc in the same space as the dc from Row 1. Ch 1  and slip stitch to the dc. Finish off and weave in ends.

Border 2: For the other short side, make sure you have the "right side" facing you and join yarn to the dc from Row 1. Ch 1, dc in the same space as the dc you joined to, then continue dc across the short side finishing with a dc in the same space as the dc from Row 9. Ch 1 and slip stitch to the dc from Row 9. Finish off and weave in ends.

** Bonus Gift - Fingerless Gloves **

The V-Stitch is a really easy stitch to modify to your own project! When you are working in the round, you'll chain a multiple of 3. However, if you are working a flat piece (like the scarf above), you'll chain a multiple of 3 plus 1! The "plus 1" is lost when you turn and start working into the 2nd ch. I didn't write down the pattern for the fingerless mitts, but I thought they were a fun addition to the swap package.


  1. I LOVE YOUR SITE - and can't wait to get home and work on something using the Interlock Crochet...
    I'm wondering why you don't have a 'PRINT' button on your pages...just wondering!!!

  2. I just love this The Velorum Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern..can you email me a copy of pattern please...thank you.


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