Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A few Recipes - Pintastic Tuesday 05

It's my favorite blogging day of the week!!! Pintastic Tuesday is here again.

Last week, we celebrated Independence Day in the US and this is the one time out of the year that all the family descended from Grandma/Grandpa Cupp get together. There are 37 of us who wouldn't be here without Grandma and Grandpa Cupp. This is the last picture taken of all of us together before Grandpa Cupp died. I have had another little one of my own and I think a total of eight grandkids have been added since this picture (one is with Jesus).

It was a great time to catch up with each other. One thing you will learn quickly is that we love people and we love God. We have a few pastors in our family and many who serve in their local church. I am going to venture a guess and say that half the adults in the Cupp family have been on mission trips to a foreign country. We found out for certain this weekend that our cousins, Todd and Wendy, are moving to Kampala, Uganda in October to live and minister to the people there. You can read more about their journey at The Kissing Well blog.

Now, onto the Pintastic Tuesday stuff...

It was a weekend filled with family fun. So, this weeks post is all about food!

Sour Patch Grapes (Supposed to taste a bit like Sour Patch Kids)

Source: Pinterest | Original Source: Pure Sugar

My favorite candy is sour-patch kids. Yes, I probably would crochet for payment in Sour Patch Kids. That being said, these grapes were a disappointment. I started out using Lime Jell-O to coat the grapes and it looked like boogers all over the grapes. I know, gross! So, I rinsed them off and worked with Lemon Jell-O. It worked much better. However, these do not taste like Sour Patch kids. Another thing to note...They actually were good as long as they were cold, but we were in the blazing heat and the taste of warm grapes with gunk on the outside is not the same as cold grapes with gunk on the outside. There were tons leftover, which definitely signals to me that the general consensus is that these were a bit nasty. I took the leftover grapes home and rinsed the gunk from the outside and I am now enjoying frozen grapes.

Oven-Baked Bacon and the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Source: Pinterest | Original Source: about.com
Source: Pinterest | Original Source: Mr. Breakfast

Oh my gosh! This bacon and eggs combo was amazing! Sunday night, my brother-in-law and my sister-in-laws spent the night at our house. We sent the men out to buy breakfast stuff and they came home with bacon and eggs. I felt obligated to make the best bacon and eggs that anyone ever tasted. I consulted with Google and found the two things above. The bacon is baked! Line a shallow cookie sheet with aluminum foil, add bacon (my bacon slices were touching each other) and place in non-preheated oven. Turn over to 400 degrees and set a timer for 17 minutes. Check on bacon at 17 minutes, but it may take an additional 3 minutes for it to finish cooking. This bacon was amazing! It barely shrunk and it was perfectly crispy. 

The eggs were so light and airy! I cooked two dozen eggs and eyeballed the milk, salt & pepper. They said the key is to whip air into the eggs so the mixture is a unified color and a bit frothy. Preheat a skillet while beating the eggs. When ready, add butter to the skillet and when it is almost melted, pour in the eggs. Then, act like Martha Stewart while you cook the eggs. I am not the best egg maker and I'm not the biggest fan of eggs, but I loved these eggs! I will definitely be making them again on breakfast night at home.

So...What about you? Did you try anything from pinterest this week? It doesn't have to be a success to blog it! Join in with this fun linky party below and Happy pinning!!!

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