Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitchen-Aid Mixer Subway Art - Pintastic Tuesday 06

The Story...

The Kitchen-Aid mixer is the jewelry of the kitchen. I have wanted one for the entire 11+ years I have been married. But, life happens and the mixer just never happened. Then, my lovely little 2 year old lost one of the beaters to my beloved stand mixer. May the Lord bless those who decided that every single mixer needed to  have precisely its own beaters. Humbug! I called GE only to find out that they stopped producing my mixer years ago and they suggested searching online for replacement parts. My search came up empty. Bah-Humbug.

So, it's time to buy a new mixer.

And now that it's time, that means I need to commit...to a color. But there are a gazillion shades of green, gray and blue..how's a girl to choose? And can I really justify spending a few extra bucks for a colored mixer when the less expensive white one will function just the same?

The Pintastic Inspiration:

Then today happened. I was doing my normal thing and browsing pinterest. Look what popped up:

Source: Pinterest

A Kitchen-Aid mixer with Subway Art!!! Wow! What a genius idea?! I can finally picture a plain-Jane white Kitchen-Aid mixer sitting on my counter looking all cool with this Subway art.

The Pintastic Result:

Here's the thing. This is a pintastic find and totally awesome, but I am cannot create this on my own. I immediately thought of Beth who was my giftee for the Handmade Gift Exchange. She is the incredibly talented crafter of Busy Bees Gifts (facebook) and she specializes in vinyl work. Guess what?! She already creates Kitchen-Aid Subway art and it is affordble!

Have a look at Beth's creation and check out her Etsy store:

Source: Pinterest | Original Source: Busy Bee Gifts on Etsy

Now, I can have my cake and eat it, too! :-)

So...What about you? Did you try anything from pinterest this week? It doesn't have to be a success to blog it! Join in with this fun linky party below and Happy pinning!!!

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