Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfectionism...A Few Hours Later

I am making this beautiful scarf as a gift for my co-worker:

Free Pattern from People Webs Chunky Circle Scarf

Free Pattern from People Webs: Chunky Circle Scarf

I was nearly to the end of the second row when I came across this:

Niccupp Crochet: A Mistake

I know not everyone crochets. Basically, those wheel looking things should not have been so far apart (6 stitches apart in this photo and they should have been only 3 stitches apart).

When I make a mistake, I cannot go on.

At the end of a mostly productive lunch break, I was left with a pile of yarn and a lost hour on this project.

Niccupp Crochet: A Mistake Unraveled

What this means to you...

If you buy from Niccupp Crochet, you will get an amazing product. I am a perfectionist and cannot let anything go until I am 100% happy with it.

Just ask my friend who requested a custom-designed tiger for her nephew. I e-mailed her every bit of the way saying, "He's not perfect...he's not perfect....he's not...."

But, I also told her I have this crisis during production mode and once complete, I end up falling in love with every piece.

So, I'm going to keep on relaxing and not stress that I lost time on this. I'll pick up the hook again tonight when I can focus and set to work again.

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