Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Analyzing My Pattern Purchases - 4KCBWDAY3

Today is Day 3 of the 4th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week! The assignment for today:
The whole point of this topic is to experiment with infographics as a way of sharing facts, information and ideas, and to explore another tool in a blogger's arsenal of communication options.

Monday, I explained that I am mostly a busy little bee and yesterday I described how a bee picks a project. Today's challenge brings out the monkey in me...the intelligent, analytical side. My full-time job title is Information Analyst. The monkey in me drives multi-tasking for optimum efficiency and the bee in me doesn't mind flapping her wings hopping from task to task. 

The analysis I performed for this post actually has a purpose. I have logged all of my paid patterns onto a spreadsheet and created good old-fashioned charts.

Have I used all of my paid patterns?

I obviously have a lot more crochet patterns than knit patterns. And, I have several of both that have never been touched. No. I am not using all of my paid patterns.

Pattern Usage for my Top 3 Designers

This chart analyzes the purchases I have made from the Top 3 Designers and answers the question of have I used their patterns?

Doesn't it seem strange that I own 33 patterns from Designer A and have only attempted 1 pattern? There is too much to tell here, so I'll reserve that for a future blog post.

Designer B & C are both favorite designers of mine and their patterns are in different areas. There are good reasons that I have a few patterns from each of them that have not yet been touched. I just purchased an e-book with 18 patterns last week from Designer B, so of course I have not had time to work them yet.

Have You Analyzed Your Pattern Buying Tendencies?

A word of not buy a ton of patterns from a designer until after you try one of them out. You may end up like me...with 33 patterns that leave you with an icky feeling inside.


  1. lol this made me laugh. I have been a good girl when it comes to buying patterns from online... books and magazines....well we want tell the hubby I have 4 coming and I have bought 2 in the last week :) hugs

  2. Oh yikes. That stinks. I have a few designers who I bought books from when I first started knitting and have never made anything. Who knows if I ever will. I think sometimes it can be nice to be inspired by the FO pictures even if you don't make the item.


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