Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How A Busy Little Bee Picks a Project - 4KCBWDAY2

Today's task for the 4th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week is to explain the process of deciding upon a project to make.

Yesterday, I shared with all of you that I am a bee! How exactly does a busy little bee decide on her next project?

For the most part, most of my projects are commissioned. A customer will contact me with an idea and ask if I can do it. My absolute favorite is when someone comes to me with a general theme and says, "What can you do that involves this?"

In true bee form, my mind starts buzzing immediately when I receive a special request. I scour Pinterest, Ravelry and my great big brain of useless information until I stumble upon or remember the perfect project.

Here are just a few examples. I will explain the thought behind my favorite ones below.

Can you make some sort of fish hat with natural fibers or keep it organic?

Can you make a fish hat?

Hey! It's the year of the dragon and my friend is really into that. I am having trouble finding decorations for a dragon-themed baby shower. Do you think you could make something that is cute and babyish?

Can you make something for a dragon-themed baby shower?

My friend's husband is a tennis pro and their house revolves around tennis. Could you make something? Maybe a rattle with a tennis ball on the end?

My friend's husband loves tennis.My friend's husband loves tennis.

And this is my all-time favorite!! This message came from a first-time aunt:

My sister is decorating the baby's room in a pale blue with a bird theme. Could you make some things with a bird theme for her baby shower that will match the baby room?

A bluebird themed baby shower with crochet accents by Niccupp Crochet.

This one was a lot of fun! I immediately created a pinterest board and scoured the net for ideas. I sent the link to my friend and her mom. They replied back and told me which things they liked and which things they didn't. 

I think I had suggested creating a bunting with the bluebird appliques (upper left in photo collage). But, they immediately thought of giving them to guests as party favors. I made 30 of them and attached a magnet to the back. Each guest received one along with a poem written by Caleb's grandmother.

A bluebird themed baby shower with crochet accents by Niccupp Crochet.

Next, they chose this sweet little birdie designed by LuvlyGurumi. She does not normally allow her finished items to be sold. I asked permission for this one time and she said it was ok. 
Sidenote: I know that designers do not legally have any way of enforcing their "do not sell finished product" policy. I do not want to be despised for disobeying their request. So while I disagree with their policy, I adhere to it.
There were three cupcake tiers at the baby shower. There was a bluebird perched on top of each one with a bluebird sitting on the table between them.

A bluebird themed baby shower with crochet accents by Niccupp Crochet.

And, last but not least, I made a very special bluebird just for the baby's room. At the baby shower, my friend used him to decorate the gift table. 

Baby Caleb has such a beautifully decorated shower! I love how my little yarn art tied so wonderfully with the place settings, cupcakes and birdhouses decorating the tables.

Hey! Eskimimi asked if I could find a project that represents my Mascot? 

Of course! I treated this just like I would any other request. I created a Pinterest board and searched high and low for bees! Bees knees, bee shoes, honeycomb, etc. Even just some signs that I thought were cute that had to do with bees! Here is a peek at the board. Click on it and you'll be taken to my Busy Bee board.

Bee-themed Pinterest board

I pinned several amigurumi pieces, photography props, pillows, inspiring signs and even a sweet little bee created from polymer clay.

You Don't Have to be a Peacock to Rock a Project! 

I admire the peacocks who can totally bedazzle a project. Like my friend Rachel from Silly Stitches who created these adorable bunny bottoms and this amazing underwater themed cape. These are two projects that I will never forget!

I think that all of us have a little bit of each animal as part of who we are. While I may not give you a glammed out (house of peacock) project, I will give you something that meets (and hopefully exceeds) your expectations. The reason I can do this is because I am a busy bee! Always buzzing around the internet pinning to my heart's desire. I know what patterns are available, where to find them and whether I am skilled enough to pull it off.  And, if I can't think of anything, then you can be sure I will find something that will more than please you. 

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  1. Love Love Love the blue bird bay shower stuff! So stinkin cute! You make such cute little things. Oh and I am about to check out your Bee board.. I like you love me some pinterest.


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