Monday, May 6, 2013

Playing with Clay

When I get out clay and the pasta machine, I can't make just a few things. I have to fill the entire baking sheet. I am so excited about how some of these turned out!

Everyone Loves Owls

Owl Stitch markers by Niccupp Crochet
Owls are such an easy shape for anyone who wants to give polymer clay a try. Just make an oval, then pinch the top two corners to form the ear-looking things. Then, make a teardrop shape and flatten it. Attach to either side and you have a lovely little owl. The eyes were made with the end of a jewelry pin (which you'll need if you are making stitch markers). 

The flowers came from an old bracelet that I didn't love. But, the components on the bracelet are awesome! I will never regret the day that I ripped that bracelet apart. They were the perfect addition to these little owl stitch markers.

Monster Love

I love monsters in any shape and size, but my all-time favorites are the Pac-Man monsters. 

Monster Stitch markers by Niccupp Crochet

The pink/blue mixed (purple) is sort-of what the monsters look like when Pac-Man can chomp them! I had to work with the colors I had on hand. I know these aren't 100% accurate, but I still think they are awesome!

Adding Clay to Hooks

I started out by using scraps of clay to build up the handles. That part went really well. Then, I used this technique I learned nearly 10 years ago to create a gradual blend of two colors. I used pink and pearl blue. The pearl really shimmers. 
Clay handled hooks by Niccupp Crochet
The hooks aren't perfect. I didn't get all the air bubbles out and I think you can see them. But, I still think they are good enough for gifting. Speaking of...there's a giveaway where you have a chance to win these hooks. I have some matching stitch markers to go with them and a matching hook to go with the owls above.

Clay Handled hook by Niccupp Crochet

Non-Clay Stitch Markers

I also made another set of these stitch markers over the weekend. They are intended for those of us who are forgetful of which hook size we are using on a project. You can even make your own for under $10.

Lettered Stitch Markers by Niccupp Crochet


  1. LOVE all of these crafts!
    I started playing with polymer clay for a swap I'm participating in and I've been having a TON of fun with it!

    Great post :)

  2. Love them all. The owls are fantastic and the hook size markers are absolutely BRILLIANT!!

  3. These are so cute!! I've been wanting to dive into making things with clay.

  4. It is all looking so nice... :D
    What did you say about a give away? :P


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