Friday, May 3, 2013


BatBaby Hat & Mask Designed by CalleighsClips
BatBaby hat and Mask being modeled by Miss Peach, my 3 year old's Build-a-Bear Monkey.

I have made several cape sets designed by the uber talented Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations, but I have to say that this Bat Baby set may be very high on my list of favorites from her! I tend to stay away from licensed/trademarked characters unless someone asks, which was the case here. A friend asked if I could make anything Superhero and I was immediately drawn to BatMan. 

BatBaby Hat, Cape and mask designed by CalleighsClips

BatMan is a registered logo and this cape is really for a Batbaby and not 100% batman. The actual logo is not included in the pattern as that would be a violation. It's easy enough to consult with Google and trace, draw or free-stitch your own batman symbol onto the patch.

Isn't this cape set just the cutest thing? It looks even more awesome being modeled by Miss Peach, my three year old's reward for using the potty!!!

Want to make your own superhero without buying a pattern? Check out CCCC's free cape & mask pattern!


  1. Thank so much for the link backs and great write up! Looks fab!!! ~Elisabeth


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