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How to Eat Chia Seeds (Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia)

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Did you know that Chia seeds are a superfood providing lots of benefits to your body? Here are just a few things about Chia, but Google will tell you tons more benefits to this ancient superfood!
  • Combats Diabetes by balancing out insulin and preventing blood sugar spikes
  • Excellent source of Fiber - 1 ounce provides 11 grams of fiber
  • Good for cholesterol - 1 ounce contains nearly 5 grams of Omega-3s
  • Good source of calcium, manganese, phosphorus and protein!
  • It helps you feel full and keep feeling full!

There are massive benefits to eating chia seeds, but how to do you get them in your body?

My first attempt with Chia was the only way I had ever heard of eating them. 

Mix 1 TBSP of Chia Seeds in 6 oz. of water.

The Result:The mixture was so thick, I had to shovel it in my mouth with a spoon. And, I didn't enjoy it. In fact, I had to battle thoughts of my 4 year old picking his nose and eating it as I tried to swallow each bite. Honestly, that's all I could think of. So, when you try Chia, this is How NOT to eat Chia.

Mixed in Applesauce

I keep individual-size servings of applesauce in my desk at work for a healthy, non-perishable snack. 

I also keep a small container of Chia seeds in my desk.

One day, I decided to mix the two for a late morning snack. It wasn't quite lunchtime, so I just wanted something small to hold me over for another hour. 

I know it looks green and slimy (like boogers), but I promise you that this is an error in lighting or something. It didn't look green at all and it didn't smell funny. It looked and tasted like applesauce. 

I ended up being so full after eating that I wasn't hungry for lunch and I barely started getting hungry in time for dinner 6+ hours later. 

That makes for one awesome late morning snack and natural hunger control.

Add Chia to Your Salad

You know how sometimes you eat a salad and you feel like you haven't eaten at all? I bought a pre-packaged Caesar salad mix with lettuce, shredded parmesan and dressing. 

I sprinkled some Chia seeds on my salad and it gave it a perfect crunch, plus it added protein and fiber. 

I like to eat Chia before they have expanded, so that they expand during digestion to provide that long-lasting full-feeling. Chia seeds absorb lots of water, so make sure you drink lots of water!

How Do I Feel After Eating Chia?

I feel full. And I don't get hungry for like 6+ hours.

So far, I haven't felt like it has given me extra energy. But, I'm not consuming it regularly yet, so maybe in time I will notice this benefit.

The extra fiber is beneficial and did not make me gassy the way other high-fiber things have done (like Kashi GoFart! aka Kashi GoLean)

How Do You Eat Chia?

Do you eat Chia? Leave me a comment and tell me how you like to consume it! My friend likes to put it in yogurt the night before and let it swell up in her yogurt. My personal preference is to eat it dry while drinking lots of water and letting it swell up internally for that long-lasting full feeling. I can't wait to read your responses and find new ways to try it. 

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  1. I think it's delish in yogurt (no need for pre-soaking!), in baking (like banana bread - pre soak in water and sub in for oil or egg), in water - but you have to put a little in a LOT of water!, on anything you might add nuts on/in.
    Try sprinkling them on toast with peanut butter (or nutella, or butter & cinnamon)
    Get creative! It's easy to incorporate them!


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