Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amigurumi Fun

The flu bug hit our house with a vengeance this year! For two weeks, I could not work on anything. It was a great time to re-focus and spend time with my family.

Now that the germs are gone, I have been busy making a set of Amigurumi animals (and Ro the Monster, who is just awesome!). These were designed by the fabulous Stacey Trock of FreshStitches. I purchased her e-book of Rainbow Amigurumi. The pattern is great! Very easy to follow and pretty good instructions on how to attach the pieces together. I would suggest that anyone interested in working on amigurumi read her Beginner Amigurumi handbook. It is a valuable resource!

Amigurumi is a lot of work, but it is worth it! The end result is lovable little creatures that will last a long, long time. The pack has 7 patterns in all. I have finished these:

What do you call the opposite of dissection? Hmm...I have no clue. But, Mr. Froggie will be happy to know that he will soon be put together better than Humpty Dumpty. The picture above shows these guys in all their glory. Well, here's the down and dirty pic showing just how much goes into these little guys. Making each piece takes time. Assembling each piece together takes time. Falling in love with the completed creature...instantaneous!

Mr. Frog - 4 legs to attach to the body; 2 eyes to attach to his head; then, attach head and body. Easy enough, eh?

Bluebird - still in the process of forming his body, but you can see the wings & beak are ready.

Mr. Pig - He had better be pretty doggone cute when I am finished. He requires the most assembly of all the animals with FOUR legs, ONE tail, TWO ears, ONE snout AND attaching his head/body. Wowzer!

These guys are awesomely cute and totally worth the work. When you ask how much they are and I tell you, maybe now you will understand why the cost is so high. Even at $5.00 an hour, most people could not afford these and that's ok. :)

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