Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pintastic Tuesday 01

We all find awesome ideas on pinterest, right? How many have you actually tried? Some things I pin, I fully intend to make it right away. Other things are just good ideas for later. I thought it would be fun to create a fun new them for Tuesdays.


For my first pinterest success story, I wanted to show you this awesome tutorial for Charmed Pencil Pouches. There is an amazing (!!!) tutorial from Sweet Verbena that helped me conquer my fear of zippers. The tutorial is perfect if you have that same fear. I assure you that this simple project will help you conquer zippers.

The Project:

Source: Sweet Verbena

Pinterest Success:

I ended up putting my entire button collection in the brown flowery pouch and it is completely full!!! You know what that means? The next time I see a basket full of buttons for $.25 each, I can easily have the self-control to pass on by, because I do not have room for them in my little pouch.

The gray pouch with the geometric pattern is the new home of all of my crochet hooks. It fit all of my hooks including the massively huge size "Q" hook.

Have you made anything fun from Pinterest this week? Join in and spread the fun by leaving your link below! NOTE: The text you type in "Your Name" will display representing your link. It says a comment is required. You aren't required to comment on this post, but please comment on at least one blog post you visit.

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