Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Making of Sir Dragon....Day 1

During the month of September, I went on a Dragon Adventure using the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure pattern from FreshStitches. You can read the whole dragon tale on Ravelry.

This entry still makes me laugh a little:

9/12/2012: Whoo hoo! My dragon has eyes and a snout and he’s been stuffed!!! He’s had a bit too much to eat, but I wouldn’t dare tell him that or he’d probably spit fire at me. Do even the sweetest little dragons spit fire? they??? 

Adventure #2: Meet Sir Dragon

I get to go on another dragon adventure and this time he isn't a secret project! I look forward to sharing our adventure with you. Today is Day 1 and this is what Sir Dragon looks like:

Why are hand-made animals a little pricey? 

Each critter is made up of lots of pieces and those individual pieces take time to create. How many pieces are in the dragon? If I counted right, Sir Dragon will have 15 pieces in total.

Want to see what 30 minutes looks like?

30 minutes equals two arms, two feet and two nostrils. I have eight more pieces to create before I begin working on the body. And that doesn't count the time to sew all these pieces together.

The dragon plan...

Sir Dragon will be made in the exact same colors as portrayed below.


Just like a snowflake, every hat is unique.

No matter how hard I try, no two projects will ever come out the same. That's part of the awesome-ness of buying handmade. It is truly a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece for you!

Sir Dragon has the same elements and he'll be the same colors, but he'll be uniquely him. 

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