Friday, July 12, 2013

Finishing Off Friday - an Elephant and Yoda

Before I share my projects, I have to share this photo. Wednesday marked 6 years since my sister passed on from this world. My brother-in-law has been faithful to take a dozen roses to my sister every year on certain dates. When my husband, sons, mom and I arrived at the cemetery Wednesday night, her dozen roses were sitting on top of the tombstone. My niece took a balloon to her mom that said, "Miss You".

Don't cry for us. Just pray that God continues to comfort our family and the two precious kids she left behind.

Now onto the Projects of the Week!

I finished this elephant last Saturday. Isn't she presh? I made her as a gift and she was received perfectly! 

Design from Crocheted Softies

I finished this Yoda-inspired set on Sunday (except he still needs his tunic belt).

Design: Wise Alien or Goblin Set

Design: Wise Alien or Goblin Set

Design: Wise Alien or Goblin Set

I Confess...

I didn't make this last item that I am showing, but it's just Amazing! So, I'm sharing it with you.

My BFF (Best FreshStitches Friend) made these fabulous stitch markers for me! She's selling them, too! So, if you are interested in buying some, click here to find out how!

I also purchased from another FreshStitches friend this magic ball of yarn in rainbow colors. I wanted to use all the colors in one monster, but I worked through an entire color on the head/neck alone. So, I might frog (rip it, rip it) this project.

What would you make if you have a beautiful ball of yarn in rainbow colors?

Goal Update:

Both of the patterns I used up this week help me get closer to my goal of using all of my paid patterns! Yeah!! I think I can do it! There are still 40+ paid patterns on the list that need to be used.

Want to see more Finished Objects by more crocheters? Visit Tami's Amis blog!


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