Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day with a Dose of Crochet

Yesterday was Independence Day in the U.S. I started off my day by testing the Addison Headband pattern for the amazing Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations. I made the headband in red, white and blue and wore it to the parade.

The 4th of July Parade

First in line were Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross.

You've heard the expression, "Don't rain on my parade." Well, guess what, it TRAINED on our parade! And the train seemed longer than normal.

My favorite expression of red, white and blue was this clown!

Our small town always has horses in the parade.

But, I have never seen a horse with his bum painted with glittery stars and streamers in his tail.

Not even half-way through the parade and our candy bag was already about to burst. This is how much they ended up with!

McGowan Designs usually captures events from the sidelines. This time, Tommi was shooting the sidelines.

And, they just happened to capture two of the cutest kids I know (yes, these are my boys).

Be sure to follow McGowan Designs on Facebook!

What is Independence Day without fresh Corn on the Cob?

Then Relaxing on the porch

And another Addison headband hopped off my hook, but this time, I made it with the flower included in the pattern. My niece loved it and wore it the whole day! I love the sparkly yarn from Hobby Lobby!

Parachuting Fireworks

We headed over to the baseball diamonds by my aunt's house and the kids ran around the field collecting the parachuting fireworks my brother-in-law let off.

Then more fireworks...

Sparklers are fun!

Then, my brother-in-law's fireworks.

And then, the fireworks of the night! My photos weren't the best this year, but I had a few that turned out well enough to share.  

I hope that you had a fun and safe Independence Day!

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  1. Love the headband! Thanks for testing! Looks like you had a fabulous day!


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