Monday, July 1, 2013

June Wrap-up

I finished several projects during the month of June. There's something for Duck Dynasty fans, Tinkerbell fans, monster lovers, hunters and children of the 80s. 

I had to bump the Cabbage Patch Kids hat to the front. Aren't these the sweetest things? I have two hats ready-to-ship in newborn/0-3 month sizes. These are $30 for newborn and range in price up to $40 for adult size. Contact me if you are interested in ordering or follow my Etsy shop, because I plan on listing the two I have already finished if no one claims them soon. 
One of the three Cabbage Patch Kids hats I made in June.
 Next up is this Tinkerbell-inspired doll using the A Doll Like Me e-book containing 4 doll patterns from FreshStitches. She turned out exactly as I planned, though I must admit that I spent 3 hours (at least) just trying to get her lips right. I finally glued on some lips and moved on. Do you know a little girl who would love her? She is $75.00 and is still waiting to find a new home.

Princess Ballerina

I love monsters. I LOVE monsters! Love, love, love them! And, I just recently realized how much cuter they are in tiny size. Look how tiny this gal is! She is wearing the Monopoly hat game piece. It fits her perfectly and just shows how teeny tiny she really is.

Ro the Tiny Monster

And, here she is with her mom who is also quite small with her beautiful flower eyes.

Tiny Toothie & Tiny Ro

And, now we get into the things for the Duck Dynasty fans.

I improvised this little camouflage deer hat.

Deer Camo Beanie

This awesome pattern for Drake the Mallard Duck is from the amazingly talented, HollieJolly Designs. I think Duck Dynasty fans will love this guy!

Drake the Mallard Duck

And, last, but not least, a customer requested something with a Cincinnati Reds theme. there are links below the picture where you can find the patterns for these items. I improvised the "C" for Cincinnati and cut it out of felt and sewed it on. It's a true baseball cap with the little hole in the back. And it comes with a crisp pair of white baseball shorts. I cannot wait for this baby to arrive so I can see him wearing this outfit. I might faint when I see the photo.
Baseball Cap and Baseball Pants

What I Learned this month

I learned a fancy new stitch called The Loop Stitch. It's used in the Cabbage Patch Kids wigs and is securely attaches the loops so they will not come out.

And, I got lots of practice working with felt and attaching it to my pieces. This came from the eyes/lips of the Tinkerbell-inspired doll and the Cincinnati Reds hat.

Plans for next month

I have all of my projects queued in Ravelry and I plan on working through all of the patterns I purchased by the end of the year. I have 6 months to do it, so that averages out to about 7.2 projects per month! Wish me luck!

I am continuing the yarn stash project where I focus on using up yarn from my stash. It's amazing just how much yarn I have and how much of it was bought without a purpose. For the projects featured in this post, I purchased only one new skein of yarn (yellow) to finish off the pig tails on the Cabbage Patch hats.

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