Friday, August 23, 2013

FO Friday: Assembling the Minions

My younger son turned 4 last week and started preschool this past Monday. He demanded that I make him a Minion backpack for preschool. I was hesitant and we talked him into buying a camouflage dinosaur backpack instead. I kind-of felt bad for not making him the backpack, so I made him a Minion hat.

While I was working on it, he kept asking if it was his Minion backpack. And, I kept reminding him about his really cool dinosaur backpack. He wouldn't relent. A couple of weeks ago, I was driving to work when an idea came to me on how I could make the backpack.

So, I took about 5 minutes and drew out a couple of sketches:

Now that I had a plan, I knew I could bring it to life.

He loved it! 

But, he thought a tiny animal needed to go in that pocket. After all, why have a pocket if you aren't going to put something cool in there? So, he grabbed one of my amis and tossed him in his backpack.

Last night, I was thinking that maybe I can enter the photo of him and his backpack and Tiny Ro in the FreshStitches Back-to-School photo contest. But, I didn't make Ro this month, so it doesn't seem fair to enter him. Then another brilliant idea came to mind. What if I assembled a new minion using the Ro pattern? 

LOL! I love it! And, since it was something I wanted to make, it literally took no time at all. 

And here they are a big happy family! The backpack, hat and Tiny Ro the Minion.

Can't get enough Minions?

Check out this free pattern round-up from Moogly where you can make your own Minion ami, hats, loveys and more! Be sure to follow my blog/facebook page to be the first to know when the Minion-inspired backpack is released.

Minion Free Pattern Round-up at Moogly

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