Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making the Easy Peasy Sock - In Progress

One of my goals for 2013 is to knit my first pair of socks using DPNS. I cast on Sunday night using the Easy Peasy Socks for First-Timers pattern. I knew about this pattern because I follow the designer (FreshStitches). But, there are a lot of reasons why I chose this one:
  1. It uses worsted weight yarn, so that means the project moves along quicker than a traditional sock/fingering-weight yarn.
  2. The pattern guides and explains each section you will complete. 
  3. There are helpful tips on every page.
  4. A note toward the beginning says that this is more like a written class on sock-making with Stacey than it is a pattern.
I am still working on my first sock, but I really wanted to share the progress!

I cast on Sunday night for this sock. Then, I got to this point where the pattern says:

Put up a do-not-disturb sign, and let your loved ones fend for themselves. It's heel-turning time, and you mustn't be bothered.
I love little notes like that! It's sort of saying, "Hey first-timer! Yeah, You! Pay extra attention that you don't get lost in this section! Capiche?"

With that, I left my sock in this state Sunday night:

Day 1 Progress of the Easy Peasy Sock for First Timers

Turning the Heel

I spent my lunch break Monday turning the heel and setting up my knitting needles for the next section of the pattern. I adjusted my stitches to have an equal number on the left/right needles and the remaining needle was left as it had been all along. When I did this, a little sailboat emerged.

Day 2 of my Sock: A Sailboat Emerged

Sailing, Sailing on...Sailing, sailing on...

I finished the gusset yesterday. Don't know what a gusset is? Guess what?! This pattern explains all those terms! Like I said, it's more than a pattern. And, I bet when I move on to a "real" sock pattern, I will probably keep referring back to this pattern for all the helpful tips.

On the 4th Day of Sock-Working...

My needles brought to me: the mindless part of knitting! < I hope you were singing the 12 days of Christmas there. If not, go back and read it again, but this time sing. Maybe in your head if your coworkers might give you funny glances.

At this point, I am finally knitting around and around. I will continue in this manner until I try it on and it reaches my big toe. Then, the pattern has more fun things planned. 

Day 4 - It's beginning to look like a sock.

In case you can't tell, I am having a lot of fun in this new knitting adventure! If you want to make a pair of socks, this pattern is a great starting point! You will learn all the basics of making your first sock and all those little questions you have are already answered in the helpful tips scattered throughout the pattern. If you have never made a sock, I hope this pushes you just a little closer to trying it.

If you want to watch the continuing saga of my little sock, check out his project page


  1. Looking good Nichole! Keep it going since you are on the easy stretch now until the end, the dreaded Kitchner stitch. It's not too bad but take it slow and read the directions so you do it right or else you will get holes in your socks!

    1. I am still having fun. When you called it the "dreaded Kitchener stitch", I panicked. EEK!! But, I found a handy tutorial on and I think I'll be ok. :)

      It's here and looks like it creates a beautiful/seamless finish. I love that!!

  2. Hello, this link did not work?


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