Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pacifier Clip - Tutorial

I wanted to create a version of a pacifier clip that is cute, doesn't have buttons (choking hazard) and one that can have cute little interchangeable designs. I have a few baby gifts to make and I plan on gifting these.

Disclaimer: I give you full permission to use my method in any way you choose (personal or for selling). 

Please read the designer's release regarding the appliques that you use. They may or may not grant permission to sell items using their product. Please keep this in mind and be respectful of the designer!


  1. Small amount of Cotton yarn for the base of the clip. I used I Love This Cotton in White and Lily's Cotton in Natural.
  2. An applique (or two or three)
  3. Crochet Hook (use size suggested on yarn label)
  4. Suspender Clip (As of 6/5/2012, these are $1.99 for a package of 2 clips at Hobby Lobby)


The ribbon is created in sections rather than rows.

Section 1: Ch 15 and join with slip stitch to first chain.
Section 2: Chain 40
Section 3: Slip Stitch to 15th chain from hook.
Section 4: Single Crochet* in the next 25 stitches to get back to the beginning loop. Slip stitch to base stitch of the beginning loop and bind off. Weave in loose ends.

*Single Crochet in section 4 can be replaced by hdc or dc.  Here are examples of what the base of the pacifier clip will look like using different basic stitches:

Next, grab your applique!
I added a few chain stitches across the back of the applique to give the clip something to hold on to. I did not sew the applique onto the main section of the pacifier clip. There are loops of equal size on both ends of base ribbon.

  1. Insert one of the loops through back of applique
  2. Pull loop over the tail
  3. Tuck the loop under the post of ch stitches on the applique and tighten so that it looks like Picture 3.
  4. Place the applique and suspender clip face down. Slip the loop through the clip from bottom to top. The loop will come up on the backside of the clip.
  5. Slip the loop over the suspender clip to the front of the clip.
  6. Tighten the loop. (Between picture 6 & 7, I slid the loop down to the 2nd bar.)
  7. Take the other end of the loop and insert through the ring on the pacifier.
  8. Work the loop over the applique and length of the ribbon.
  9. Tighten and wear. 
Here is a close-up of the completed Butterfly Pacifier Clip.

And whip up a pair of barefoot sandals with matching appliques for sweet little set.

Barefoot Sandals Designed by The Misadventures of Handmade

For more applique ideas, check out my Crochet-Applique board at Pinterest!

Appliques Featured in this Post were designed by:

     Calleigh's Clips & Crochet Creations

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  1. Thanks so much for using my ballon appliqué in your tutorial! Great idea!


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